We People Called Baptists

There are many different Baptist denominations with various theological and social positions. First Baptist Church of Nashua is pleased to be a part of the Baptist denomination known as American Baptists.

As American Baptists, we celebrate unity in diversity as one of the 5,800 churches consisting of various ethnic groups, worship styles, theological understandings, and churches with both large and small congregations. American Baptists affirm the autonomy of the local church, follow a congregational model of church government, and have no hierarchical governing body. We own our land and buildings and seek to live out the mission and ministry that Christ has given to our church. As American Baptists, we also believe in interdependence and work together with other churches and our denomination to accomplish the work of Christ in our world.

We relate to three organizations within our American Baptist Church family. Through these interdependent relationships we work together to accomplish the mission and ministry or our church and our denomination. We receive support from our denomination at various levels and support our denominational organizations enthusiastically both financially and by sending delegates to their regular meetings. Visit the links below to learn more about American Baptists:

1) American Baptist Churches, USA whose headquarters is located in Valley Forge, PA, www.abc-usa.org.

2) American Baptist Churches of Vermont/New Hampshire is our Regional Organization located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, www.abcvnh.org.

3) We also are a member of the Southern Association of Churches, which consists of American Baptist Churches in the Southern region of New Hampshire.