Thirty + Years of Martin Luther King Celebrations at First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church has a very long history of an open and welcoming environment for all.  The first Martin Luther King celebration was sponsored at the church in 1982 at the request of The Council for Civil Rights of New Hampshire.  At that time, we were the only church in the state willing to host this event.

And so began the history of our annual Martin Luther King celebrations.  Many wonderful people have been keynote speakers at our event over the years, including Rev. Jessie Jackson, US Attorney Wayne Budd, Rev. Dr. Eddie O'Neil, Rev. Dr. Regina Shearer, Dr. Wanda Mitchell, Rev. Dr. Paul Gillespie and Valerie Cunningham.

New Hampshire was one of the last states to officially declare Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday.  The First Baptist Church celebration was especially joyous January 18, 1999, the year that the state officially declared Martin Luther King Civil Rights Day a holiday.  

We look back proudly on our great history of recognizing Martin Luther King and consistently giving people a message of hope and inspiration.

 New Fellowship Baptist Church Gospel ChoirNH Gay Men's Chorus performing at the 2016 MLK Celebration